A Gastronomic Escapade at Wellington

While visiting New Zealand’s first city, it is safe to say that connoisseurs will fall in love with Wellington’s culinary treasures that are hard to miss. Heaven for epicures with an appetite for culinary adventure, Wellington is famed for its great coffee and food. With a blend of culture, heritage, arts and entertainment, the Windy City has a lot to offer to travellers. The World on a Salver Embark on a food tour in Wellington and enjoy a delicious range of local and famed multicultural Read more [...]

How to Save Money on a Night Out  

It’s your worst nightmare: you wake up in the morning, and slowly the memories of the night before come back to you. Great dinner out, then drinks at a bar, dancing until the wee hours… you don’t have any idea how much money you spent, but you have a feeling it’s not going to be good. You grab for your wallet and check the receipts, and yes- you’ve spent far over your budget for the week, let alone the night! Nights out, especially when traveling, can really hurt your budget! But you shouldn’t Read more [...]

Keeping fit and healthy while you travel

Most people have the opportunity to travel somewhere in the world during the course of their life, whether that trip is for business or pleasure, a quick mini-break or a lengthy adventure lasting for weeks or months. Regardless the type or length of a trip, the normal daily routines of an individual’s life become disrupted at best and, at worst, completely fall apart, as sleeping, eating, exercising and other daily life patterns are disrupted. These disruptions can have a profound effect Read more [...]

Abroad and broke?

Whether it is a short trip across the nearest international border or a journey to the other side of the world, taking a trip abroad is a thrilling experience; however, the trip can quickly become one filled with worry and fear rather than fun if a traveler suddenly finds himself or herself abroad and broke. Even after careful planning and budgeting, finding yourself without money happens more often than one would think. There are ways to prepare for this situation before even setting off on the Read more [...]
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